Four Ways To Prepare For Cosmetic Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is an ongoing process for many people. The cost of temporary hair removal treatments can add up over time, and many of these treatments are time-consuming. If you're ready to be done with unwanted body hair, cosmetic laser hair removal is the procedure for you. This procedure is a permanent way to remove hair from anywhere on your body. It can be performed by a dermatologist in a clean, welcoming facility. Here are four ways you can get ready for your upcoming laser hair removal treatment:

1. Shave your hair.

People who get their body hair waxed know they need to leave at least a quarter-inch of hair growth available for the wax to grip. When you get laser hair removal, the opposite is true. Laser hair removal works best when your skin is freshly shaved. Longer hair can cause burns, since the laser used during treatment will heat the hair itself. For best results, shave not more than one day before your scheduled appointment.

2. Wear comfortable clothes.

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes to your laser hair removal treatment. While the treatment itself is relatively painless, tight clothing may cause unwanted chafing that can be particularly bothersome after your appointment. If you're having laser hair removal done on your arms, underarms, or legs, you may want to wear clothes that expose these parts of your body for treatment. This can allow you to keep your clothes on during the laser hair removal procedure, which many patients find preferable.

3. Plan to take care of your skin.

Laser hair removal works by damaging your hair follicles. Over time, this damage causes your unwanted hair to fall out without growing back. You can prevent infection by keeping your skin clean after laser hair removal. Avoid swimming for at least 48 hours after your treatment, and protect your skin from the sun. Make sure to apply moisturizer to the area that was treated in order to prevent dryness and scabbing.

4. Expect minor irritation after your procedure.

The laser used during your treatment will target hair follicles. Since the laser's aim is so precise, the majority of your skin will be left untouched, which means most people find laser hair removal to be a comfortable procedure. However, you may experience minor irritation after treatment. Most people feel better within a day. In the meantime, you can soothe irritated skin by applying ice to the affected area.

You can learn more by contacting cosmetic laser hair removal treatment providers.