When Should You See Your Dermatologist About Your Adult Acne Issues?

Adult acne is an affliction that lots of adults suffer from. It's estimated that up to over half of the adult population through age 40 have some type of acne or other skin condition. In some cases, it's best to see a dermatologist to manage your oily skin and acne-prone issues.

Here are signs you should make an appointment with your dermatology clinic to give you the best care for your adult acne.

Your acne is getting worse

Is your acne worsening no matter how often you wash your face, consume water, and take measures to keep your fingers away from your face? Adult acne can be caused by a great variety of things, including stress and hormones, and be very difficult to treat with store products. Your dermatologist will examine your face and other areas of concern and come up with a custom treatment plan that will work best for your skin.

Your acne is on more than your face

You can get acne anywhere you have pores and hair follicles, so expect acne to crop up in many areas, like your face, shoulders, back, neck, chest, and even your buttocks. If your acne is spreading to other parts of your body, you need a different acne treatment for each different affliction. This is because the acne on your face might be a different variety than acne on your chest and other areas, and thus will only be managed with the aid of a dermatologist who will correctly treat your condition.

Your acne is painful or infected

Technically, all acne is an infection or sign of inflammation of the skin. Some acne is more painful and infected than others and is hard to treat. If your acne comes along with lots of swelling, pus-filled pockets, and deep boils that are severely painful, then you need to make an appointment at a dermatology clinic for treatment.

To prevent scarring and the spread of acne-causing bacteria, avoid popping acne or picking at any acne spots. Scarring and pitting can be treated by your dermatologist along with the treatment of all acne in general.

When you have your acne taken care of properly, you can achieve clearer skin. Since many adults suffer from the same condition you do, your dermatologist has likely seen your condition before. Your acne treatment will be created based on the type of acne you have and how severe your condition is. Use any skincare regimen provided to you as instructed by your dermatologist.