If Lifestyle Remedies Don't Work, Your Dermatologist Can Prescribe These Rosacea Treatments

Many patients with rosacea are able to control their symptoms by making lifestyle changes such as identifying and avoiding their triggers, using gentler skincare products, and wearing sunscreen daily. However, if these changes do not significantly reduce your flare-ups, you should not give up. You should instead visit your dermatologist, tell them that you're still suffering, and ask what other treatments they recommend. Here are three top treatments that dermatologists often recommend for their patients with stubborn rosacea symptoms. [Read More]

Three Types Of Skin Cancer Treatments And How They Can Benefit You

The type of skin cancer treatment that will be best for you will depend on your specific diagnosis and other factors. Here are just three of the options you have for treatment, especially if the cancerous cells have not spread to the lymph nodes. Radiation Therapy One of the most common treatments performed for those with skin cancer is radiation therapy, where radiation is focused on the areas with cancer to kill off any cancerous cells. [Read More]

When You Should See A Dermatologist

The dermatologist is a specialist that specializes in disorders of the skin. Sure, there are times when you can seek help from your general practitioner, such as for poison ivy or minor skin irritation, but there are other times you need to seek help from a specialist. Read on for tips to help you decide when it's time to seek help from a dermatologist. Your Skin Irritation Is Not Clearing Up [Read More]

How Do Dermatologists Remove Moles?

Moles are areas of dark, pigmented skin. They're often raised, and they can vary in size. Some people find the appearance of moles undesirable. Removing moles yourself can put you at risk for infection and scarring. If you're bothered by the appearance of a mole, make an appointment with your dermatologist. Among the other services they offer, dermatologists can also perform mole removal procedures. Here are three different methods dermatologists can use to remove moles from your skin. [Read More]